NorthSide Assembly Of God

Dick Brogden
Missionary Church Planter (Sudan and Cairo)
Title: "Abide, Apostle, & Abandon"
From the Grand Finale night of the AG Centennial Celebration, August 5-10, 2014
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Dick Brogden and his wife, Jennifer, have served among Muslims for the last 20 years in Mauritania (1992), Kenya (1993–1995), and the Sudan (1996–2011). They now serve as team leader overseers for North Africa and the Middle East, and lead a multinational church planting team in Cairo, Egypt, that trains team leaders to plant churches across the Arab Muslim world. The Brogdens’ mission is to follow so hard after Jesus that their lives call others to follow with them. They also helped to start and lead the Live|Dead Initiative. Brogden has his PhD in Intercultural Studies from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.


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